5 tips for keeping your dog warm and comfy in winter

Winter is here and dogs can feel the cold as much as we do (even when they are covered in fur). 

Here are our 5 tips for keeping your dog super snug and warm in the winter months. 


1 - Ditch the clip! 

Winter is a great time to let your dog's coat grow long and thick to help insulate them in the colder weather. Make sure you keep up the grooming maintenance with a good brush and use a detangling conditioner to keep those dreadlocks at bay. 

2 - Create a snuggly sleeping area

Keep your dogs winter sleeping area away from drafts and in a nice sunny spot during the day. It also might be a good idea to pop down to your local charity shop and invest in a fleecy or woollen blanket to add to the top layer of their bed. Our Outback Tails nest beds are lined with super snuggy fleece so your dog can curl up and be warm as toast. Best of all, the cover completely unzips so they are easy to keep clean. 


3 - Coat up

Invest in a good quality, comfy coat that is easy to slip on and off for winter walks. Our Outback Tails oilskin coats are water resistant, made from thick cotton canvas and super easy to put on and adjust. 


4 - Treat your fur friend to a hot meal

If the weather is particularly chilly what can be nicer than a warm bowl of bone broth? Treat your dog in winter by warming up a hot meal of meat and veg or making them a nourishing, warm bone broth to mix in with their kibble. 

5- Visit and indoor hydrotherapy pool 

Indoor exercise and hydrotherapy pools for dogs are popping up all over the country. If your dog prefers to avoid the cold water at the dog beach but still loves to swim, this could be a great option for exercise in winter. Just google 'dog indoor pools near me' for a list of options in your area.