It's Walking The Dog Day!

For us, every day is walking the dog day but someone has decided to make Feb 22nd National 'Walking The Dog Day' in some parts of the world. This being the case, we decided to curate a list of 5 things we think you can do to make your dog walk extra special today. 

1 - Ditch the headphones - There's nothing nicer than listening to the sounds of the birds and your natural surroundings on your walk and appreciate all the beautiful things around you.

2 - Take a different route - And challenge yourself to more steps or a steeper hill just to get you and your dogs heart rate up and burn more calories.

3 - Snap some pics - Take some gorgeous pictures of your dog in a lovely place and share it on Instagram (don't forget to tag @outbacktails so we can see it). 

4 - Walk with a friend - Make it social and invite a friend out to join you. 

5 - Walk to the pub - There's loads of dog friendly pubs around Australia. Go have a beer and celebrate Walking The Dog Day with your best friend! Bonus - You can have more than 1 drink because you're walking home!