Happy World Animal Day

3 ways Outback Tails contributions to the Australian Wildlife Conservancy have helped our native animals this year. 


Australia is one of the most important nations on Earth for biodiversity. Most of Australia’s wildlife is found nowhere else in the world, making its conservation even more important.

AWC (Australian Wildlife Conservancy) protects some of the nation’s most iconic and endangered wildlife including 74% of native mammal species, 88% of native bird species, 54% of reptile species and 56% of amphibian species.

Here are 3 ways Outback Tails contributions from the sale of our native animal toys are helping:


1 - A dozen Eastern Pygmy Possums are being relocated from two of Sydney’s national parks to North Head Sanctuary in Manly, where (AWC) works in partnership with Sydney Harbour Federation Trust (Harbour Trust) to restore and protect locally extinct species. Three individuals were fitted with ‘tiny trackers’ aka one of the smallest collared radio transmitters available.

2 – AWC is helping avert the extinction of the endangered Northern Bettong by establishing a secure population at Mount Zero-Taravale Wildlife Sanctuary (Gugu Badhun country) in north-east Queensland. The area was once home to the species which has been identified as one of 20 Australian mammals at greatest risk of extinction, and whose decline is driven by the impact of habitat loss, mis-managed fire, and feral cats.

3 –Records have been set as multiple mammal reintroductions by the AWC prove the value of rewilding

This month, 11 western quolls – chuditch in the Noongar language – were moved to Mt Gibson, bringing the total number of species reintroductions at the site to 10, a record in Australian conservation.

Some reintroduced species live in the 7,800-hectare fenced-off ‘exclosure’, a refuge rendered free from feral predators, which hosts nine locally extinct mammal species, including the bilby, numbat, and woylie.

Here at Outback Tails, we believe the we can all make a difference. Together as consumers and as brands, we can make better choices for the planet and choosing our toys over other brands has meant we could donate funds from your sale to help with all of the above projects above & all make a difference for the future of our precious wildlife. 

Happy World Animal Day!