Don't Get The Social Distancing Blues

If, like us you are working and schooling from home, life can be pretty stressful at the moment but we’ve found that 2 things can really help relieve the monotony and anxiety of our current situation - laughter and dog walks.

We have been breaking up our days with some lovely nature walks in unpopulated areas making sure our dogs are always on leash in areas where there might be wildlife. 



We've also been having a heap of fun with some fetching and hiding games in between work and school. 

A simple game we love to play is to play hide the chew toy with our little dog Wilbur who is obsessed with his Outback Tails jute dog toy.

Someone holds Wilbur’s collar while one of the kids goes to hide the toy, then we let Wilbur’s collar go and allow him to go find his toy and he absolutely loves it!


Sometimes just a little moment of fun with your dog during the day is all you need to make you feel better about everything.

Stay well everyone!