Celebrating World Habitat Day

This week we celebrated World Habitat Day on October 4th.

Protecting our native wildlife is something the team at Outback Tails are very passionate about. To celebrate World Habitat Day on October 4th we wanted to let you know how we as a business have helped contribute to save our precious wildlife habitats though your purchases of our Australian animal toys.


We were super excited to find that over May and June this year our donations helped fund the Australian Wildlife Conservancy’s translation program that saw marsupials airlifted from sites around the country, as progress continues on one of Australia's most significant rewilding projects. After the latest releases, the tracks of Bilbies and Burrowing Bettongs have reappeared on the sand dunes at Newhaven Wildlife Sanctuary, marking a major milestone in the restoration of Central Australia's biodiversity. The burrowers are back!



Covering over 12.9 million hectares (31.8 million acres), AWC owns, manages or influences more land for conservation than any other non-government conservation organisation in Australia. You can find out more about these conservation areas and how you can visit them here.

Well done to the Australian Wildlife Conservancy and to all our customers for supporting our business so we can help raise money for this and the many important projects the AWC run to help protect our precious native wildlife and the habitats they live in.