The tick disease killing dogs in remote Indigenous communities

Buy a desert dog toy and help raise money for desperately need tick treatments for dogs in remote Indigenous communities.

 - a new tick-borne disease for Australia - is having a devastating impact for dogs (and their owners) in remote Indigenous communities across WA and the NT.  Some communities are experiencing significant dog deaths, and even those dogs that survive the infection in the short-term can go on to develop long-term, often terminal disease. 

While people cannot get ehrlichiosis directly from dogs if a tick carrying Ehrlichia canis bites a person, it is possible that the person might get sick. This is a serious disease, but can be prevented with effective tick control for dogs, and improved environmental tick control in communities with high tick burdens.

When you buy any of our Desert Dog toys, 10% of the sale will be donated to the Aussie Desert Dogs program in Yuendumu which can be put towards tic treatments to prevent this dreadful disease.

 Find out more about Ehrlichiosis here.