Aussie Desert Dog Of The Month - February

In 2021,  we will feature an Aussie Desert Dog each month that is available for adoption from Yuendumu. This month's featured dog is Hope. 

Little Hope was brought to Gloria at the Aussie Desert Dog headquarters in Yuendumu in December as a tiny baby with her eyes and ears closed.

Gloria then fed and cared for her around the clock until eventually Hope was introduced to the other dogs in camp. Fellow Desert Dog, Fluffy took her in immediately and started cleaning and mothering her.

In mid-December, Gloria noticed that Hope was drinking excessive amount of water so she was flown to Darwin for treatment and to investigate the cause of the problem. The vet came to the conclusion that she had all the symptoms of diabetes insipidus.

After a month being cared for at the vet clinic, Hope is clear of symptoms, free of medication and ready to find her forever family.

Although Hope is currently healthy, she will need an owner who understands that symptoms may present later in her life and be willing to take on the responsibility of her condition. 


Hope is on her way to foster care in Sydney and will soon be available for adoption. 

If you’re interested in giving Hope a loving home or finding out more information,  please contact