5 Tips For Awesome Insta Pix

Getting a new puppy this week has made us pretty snap happy at Outback Tails. Our camera roll is full of adorable pics of our new fur baby Bonnie but keeping a puppy still to capture the perfect photo isn't as easy as it looks on instagram. 

This week on the blog we share 5 tips for taking a perfect photo of your dog for instagram. 


1 - Sunlight is your friend. 

Firstly take all of your photos in the daytime when using your smartphone for photography. If shooting your pup inside, try to take your photo as close to a window where natural light pours in for the most insta worthy captures. If outside, make sure the sun is behind you and your dog is facing it or shoot your picture in the shade. Photographing in direct sunlight outside creates harsh shadows which can ruin your shot. 



2 - Stock up on Treats

Getting your dog to sit and stay for a good photo can be frustrating but using treats to lure them into the light or to get them to sit and stay gets you the best results. Also using different sounds to get their attention like their favourite squeaky toy can get you some cute results too. 


3 - Get Creative with backgrounds

Murals and colourful walls make awesome backgrounds for dog shots. Next time you're out and about be on the lookout for cool graffiti and wall art to snap your dog in front of. The result looks awesome.



4 - Use different angles

Shooting from your dogs POV gets the best results. Get down onto their level and concentrate on your dogs eyes for some heartwarming moments of your dog in close up. Birds eye angles shooting down while your dog looks up at the camera are also really effective. 


5 - Use the burst function

Getting your dog to sit still to capture the perfect moment can be frustrating (especially with an untrained puppy) so we find the burst function helpful here as it takes a number of pictures and allows you to choose the best frame from a selection in the roll.



So now you have the tricks, snap the pix and enter them into our @OutbackTails Dog Of The Month competition on Instagram to win a $50 voucher. 

Happy Snapping!