Celebrating Animal Shelter Appreciation Week

This week we honour and thank our amazing animal shelters for all that they do to rescue and re-home dogs throughout Australia and the world on National Animal Shelter Appreciation week.

Here are three animal shelters in Australia that are close to our hearts at Outback Tails.


The Aussie Desert Dogs

Gloria Morales has been rescuing and rehoming dogs from the Yuendumu area in the Northern Territory since 2007 through the Aussie Desert Dogs program.

Gloria decided something had to be done to reduce the number of dogs in the Indigenous community of Yuendumu and wanted to educate the people in good animal health and welfare.  And so was born Aussie Desert Dogs and the Warlukurlangu Dogs Program.

Gloria estimates that to date over 1000 puppies and dogs have been re-homed outside of the community. 

Through fundraising,  Gloria has managed to generate enough funding to build puppy kennels which are used not only for puppies but sick dogs, and other animals which have included cats, foals and calves. She also cares for Joeys, birds and reptiles. 

Funds raised also fly vets in to this remote area to do regular health checks, vaccinations and to neuter the camp dogs. 

 For more info on the Desert Dogs and how you can adopt a camp dog from Yuendumu visit - https://warlu.com/community-projects/dog-program/

 Also remember 10% of sales from out Aussie Desert Dog Animal toys goes back to Gloria's program.


Australian Working Dog Rescue

This charity’s primary goal and focus is to rescue and rehome working dogs (many of whom are close to being euthanised in pounds and shelters in regional areas).

Australian Working Dog Rescue is responsible for rehoming more than 10,000 working dogs to new homes all around Australia.

There are usually around 300+ dogs available to adopt through working dog rescue at anytime. Working dogs available for adoption include kelpies, coolies, cattle dogs and mixed breed working dogs. 

Click Here To view working dogs currently available for adoption 


 Australian Deaf Dog Rescue – Hear No Evil

Finding a new home for a special needs dog can come with its challenges so the team behind this amazing rescue organisation do everything they can to make sure these unique and beautiful dogs can find loving homes.

When you adopt a pet from Hear no Evil, you also receive ongoing support for life as they have partnered with an assortment of dog trainers around the country to help sort out any unwanted and unhealthy behaviours displayed by any of the dogs they rehome.

Click Here to view dogs currently available for adoption from Hear No Evil

Each year about 200,000 dogs and cats are euthanised in Australian animal shelters.  Please think of adopting a dog before choosing to buy one and help  support the tireless work our animal shelters and carers do to give these dogs  a second chance at life.

Adopt Don't Shop