5 Ways To Plan A More Sustainable Christmas

5 ways to plan a more sustainable Christmas in 2021

 Did you know that over the 3 days of Christmas festivities, the average person will create the same level of carbon emissions as they would catching a flight from London to Los Angeles?
That being said, we wanted to share 5 ideas to help you plan a more sustainable Christmas celebration this year with your family and furry friends.

 1 - Plan Early & Choose Sustainable Gifts

It can be tempting to panic buy presents at your local pet shop at the last minute resulting in a heap of chewed up, plastic dog toys that take hundreds of years to break down in landfill. This year, try and plan your Christmas shopping list early and purchase more sustainable gifts that will last longer and you won’t feel guilty about throwing away.

Our eco-friendly jute chew toys are a great, sustainable stocking filler for your furry friend. You can throw them in the compost bin at the end of their life and a percentage of your sale will be shared with an Indigenous artist or Australian wildlife charity.

2 - Buy a Live Potted Christmas Tree
 This year, ditch the plastic tree and head to your local garden centre for a potted variety. A potted native Australian pine like a Wollemi or a Cypress can be used year after year and fill your house with the lovely, fresh smell of Christmas. 

3 - Give hope to Australian Wildlife This Christmas

The Australian Wildlife Conservancy’s team of dedicated field ecologists and land managers are continuing to deliver some of Australia’s most ambitious and important conservation projects into 2022. These include keeping sugar gliders safe & supporting Australia's largest biodiversity monitoring program. Instead of asking for a gift this year, suggest a family or friend make a donation to one of their amazing projects instead.

4 - Make Edible Gifts

Let’s face it, every dog loves a food gift! This year why not go out of your way to treat your dog to some home-made goodies you can reward them with over the silly season. Check out some great recipe ideas here

5 - Buy a dog bed cover instead of a whole new bed for your dogs Christmas gift.

Help keep waste out of landfill & spoil your dog with a new dog bed cover instead of a whole new bed. You can upcycle their old bed with a new cover by pulling out the stuffing from the old bed and making a new one or just repurposing it by covering it with a fresh new look.


Check out our beautiful range of dog bed covers here.

With a little bit of thought and planning, we can all make a difference and try and leave a smaller carbon paw print this festive season.